Snapchat – A basic review

We reside in the era of adjustment. Everything flows, and also points quickly vanish, surrendering to uniqueness. Everything is ephemeral, as messages sent out by individuals of Snapchat And also the success of this network could be closely connected with the transience.

The network was the initial action in specifying their activity model, and made including his very first sponsored message.

Just what is the key of your success?

If we assess the phenomenon Snapchat from near the neuromarketing method, there are two factors that seem important in the effective among the general public:

Sense of Urgency: you have a day to check the message will go away. Messages that you open disappear prior to your eyes in secs. If it was something appealing attraction, you’ve barely had time to keep him and would like to duplicate the encounter, looking for new interactions.

Not remarkably Snapchat PC has actually made a track record for social media network geared to the practice of sexting (exchange of suggestive photos of sexual content). Something that causes issue, considering that half Snapchat users are between 13 as well as 17 years.

Is it really secure this network?

The magazine October 12 15GB recognized with photos Snapchat 200,000 accounts, filteringed system by a group of cyberpunks in the well-liked forum 4Chan, related to other detractions taken product. The matter has been called Snappening ”

Yet this is not the only scandal including Snapchat The Snappening joins one more episode filtration of 4.6 million individual accounts and also their phone numbers on a internet site called SnapchatDB. In this case, cyberpunks have actually concealed the last figure phone numbers, probably considering that his only purpose was to show that Snapchat had the strange opening in your safety.

Anyway, professionals concur that safety is the incomplete activity that has now Snapchat. At the end of the day, client applications that offer Snapchat connection to access their web servers.

Exactly what Moms And Dads Must Understand About KIK Messenger

Kik launched its very own in-app internet web browser and supplied APIs to designers to mark up and enhance their particular webpages and/games for the Kik platform. All a game developer features to do is integrate a number of lines of signal to their particular current HTML5 game to be noticeable and shareable within Kik via player-matching and push notifications.

Kik is often a texting application which can be downloaded into the app shop to your for the Apple units. This will be some thing that folks might maybe not exactly believe about, nonetheless they can effortlessly have their own children install the software for their iPhone, iPad, and any with the various other units that individuals have utilized prior to. But, the Kik application is perhaps not only restricted to the Apple units as it’s additionally offered for your Blackberry, and in many cases the Android os based things as well. So individuals require to be cautious if they’re getting this application given it may be used on many among these different products.

As for the total, I’m likely to point out that Kik online messenger is extremely good if you are after having a brand-new messenger. But, there actually isn’t explanation to venture to anything totally brand-new if you’re currently utilizing MSN, Bing chat, or Yahoo Messenger. But this might be enjoyable, features a great design, and works better than anticipated.

When I cranked up Kik it became widespread that this setup procedure is very intuitive and self-explanatory. You just click the join or Log In key and you are clearly on your own method.

For the software, the title features no genuine definition, however it is a messenger that’s quite popular among folks and also this is one thing that folks should be considerate of. Nevertheless, young individuals require to help make certain they may be taking a look at the various facets which are current with all the speaking software since the title won’t actually mirror exactly what are the software does.

Alternatives A view over the nose

There are alternatives to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has a large user base, but always falls back negative by vulnerabilities and lack of transparency. We have a number of alternatives found that offer similar features and have the potential to replace WhatsApp.

WhatsApp: Not sure developers react slowly to vulnerabilities

Whatsapp is probably undoubtedly one of the most popular messenger apps on mobile devices – and across platforms. In almost all app stores of mobile operating systems, the application is in the front ranks. Correspondingly high is numbered and the number of messages that go through the server of the service. According to the company 10 billion messages per day are sent.

WhatsApp: widely used, but only moderately popular – almost a necessary evil

The success of the service is probably due to the rather simple handling and simple registration process of the app. To use Whatsapp, the app only needs to be loaded from the respective App Store and will then registered via SMS. The service automatically matches the stored numbers from the own database. Already it is possible to interact with its contacts via WhatsApp. Not by chance has issued just 16 billion US dollars for the Facebook Messenger – an astronomical sum.

So far so good. The problem is not the ease of use, but the lack of security, by the service attracts negative attention. Thus, a vulnerability has been discovered a few days ago in the app, with the accounts of other users can be captured. Fresh burgeoning rumors that Facebook might expressed interest in the service, many users can also think about switching to WhatsApp alternatives that exist basically in abundance. Here is a selection of apps that have similar features and are available for a broad base of platforms.


Skype can be conditionally considered as WhatsApp alternative

Skype will be familiar to most of our readers. The classic of the chat services offers both normal text and video chat. It is also possible documents to send photos, etc.. Corresponding apps are available for both Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Mac and PC.

The message board is free, video chats as well, only one should be careful that you are logged in wireless network. You can also call for a fee worldwide in fixed and mobile networks. Writing SMS messages on feature phones is also possible at low cost. Click here for the fee schedule.

ChatOn runs on all platforms and also trendy in the browser

Samsung has presented almost with its own messaging service ChatOn last year a WhatsApp clone. He has, on the whole over the same feature set of the great idol. ChatOn clients run on smartphones and tablets with the Android platform, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Samsung Bada. However, the service still offers something more: it is in fact possible to chat via web app.

As tempting as this functionality may sound, there is a problem of the whole thing: data / conversations that were sent via the Web app will not be displayed on the mobile client and vice versa. Since the web app is still in beta status, it can be assumed that this use is Samsung refinishing.


KakaoTalk has a broad user base – in South Korea, which can be changed quickly, however

The service with the delicious name is widespread especially in South Korea and one to own information current total of over 60 million users; only 18 million are outside the peninsula. How many of the featured services also, KakaoTalk Apps provides for a large part of the available mobile platforms – iOS, Android on Windows Phone BlackBerry and Bada is all represented.

The Features of KakaoTalk leaves little to be desired. It can send text messages, photos, videos and even voice messages are sent. The service sends messages over a secure SSL connection.


Hike: freshly started with apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone – SSL encryption is submitted

With a new player enters Hike the messenger environment The Multi Messenger is since 05 December in Germany at the start. Hike will run as a direct competitor against the top dog WhatsApp and this may in respect of its functionality thoroughly. Hike dominated group chats, as well as the sending of voice, video and picture messaging. What is still missing is a SSL-encryption to be submitted by the end of the year. Hike apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry Client for to follow.


Line features such as KakaoTalk over tens of millions of users, but is mostly used in Japan. In Google’s Play Store service is positively evaluated

With well over 340 million people now the messenger line from the house Naver belongs in this overview. The functionality is similar to the most presented here and has clients in addition to tap the camera on the way and scored to provide images with stickers to send cards and drawing pictures, which in turn can be connected to share with friends.

Line can be exploited via the browser, OS X and PC clients are also apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry to download.


Apart from the abovementioned mysms is also an interesting alternative WhatsApp. The Austrian developer of the Messengers offers apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone as well as an extension for Chrome, but also clients for Windows and Mac. Focus of the service is, as the name suggests, on the dispatch cheaper SMS (8 ct per SMS) messages and free users from mysms.

MySMS is extremely convenient as all conversations sync across all platforms and can of course also continue. Sending photos or other information material, as in the previously presented service is also supported.

Kik Messenger

Also Kik Interactive kik for mac 6.0 will with the fierce competition WhatsApp defy. With 30 million users and apps for almost all platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry service is particularly noted for its speed, which leaves to be desired in WhatsApp known left. Another positive aspect: the registration is no phone number required. Videos, photos and sketches can be divided by so-called maps with others.

Although Facebook WhatsApp has just bought, the chat client of the largest social network in our survey may not be missing. Given the ubiquity of Facebook’s Messenger can be considered as a hot SMS competitor. The app supports both sending messages and group chats and sharing photos.

Some time ago, Facebook has announced that the use of the Messengers Android no longer a Facebook account is required. Instead, you have to authenticate using telephone number and name, as with most other multi messengers. However, Facebook has a bad reputation as well as WhatsApp for some. It is quite possible that both services will be merged in the future.


MessageMe is a chat client for Android and iOS, which began operations in the wake of SXSW 2013. Alone in the 75 days after release of the clients of the service could collect five million users. In addition to group and individual chats, it is possible to ship directly from the application videos, photos and music. Like the recipient of the clip, it can also be bought by the same iTunes (iOS version). In addition, voice messages, notes and even Painted and own location can be shared. Registration is incidentally as WhatsApp on your own phone number – a desktop client such as Google Hangouts or Samsung’s ChatOn currently does not seem to be planning.


Another not new, but interestingly Multi-Messenger The Messenger Viber is understood not only as WhatsApp alternative, but also as a competitor to Skype, because it offers mobile VoIP and video calling chat recently, a desktop client. Viber is no mean size among multi messengers – now put 200 million users on the service. Remarkable is also the range of Apps: Both for iOS, Android and Windows Phone clients are offered, but also for Blackberry, Bada, OS X and Windows are there appropriate software.

The Best Tips And Tricks For Internet Explorer 11

monthly Industry Monitor

Read websites more convenient place or two sites next to each other: With these practical tips and tricks to optimize the browser for your purposes.

Professionally used systems of Internet Explorer is usually still the default browser. Since the introduction of Windows 8 there is the IE as a desktop version and as a tile app for the Modern UI. In our collection of tips and tricks we treat the Internet Explorer 11 in the desktop and app version.

Who by the way the IE 11 installed on Windows 7 and want to get rid of him, for example, for compatibility with certain intranet or Web application again, we recommend our contribution Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 uninstall

Open web page from desktop IE simultaneously in Browser app

The Internet Explorer is located in Windows 8.x in two versions before: once as a normal desktop program and once as an app version for Modern UI. How can a just opened on the desktop side load as comfortable as possible and to Tiles browser?

Of course you can copy the URL from the address bar of Internet Explorer For Mac for the desktop and paste in the browser app. But it’s even easier by using the Alt key to open the menu bar in the desktop browser and select the command File / Open in immersive browser. Immediately turn the Internet Explorer to now and loads the desired page in its app counterpart.

Conversely, works the way also: If you have opened a page in IE tile, click the lower right of the address bar on the Icon Tools page and select the entry to the Desktop View.

Products: The trick works with the Internet Explorer 11th

Read web pages comfortably

With the Modern UI version of Internet Explorer 11, a new feature has been introduced: the reading view. This allows particularly long online articles easier viewing, because this mode hides everything from what the eye potentially distracting. You must activate it but himself.

Open the Web page in the tile version of Internet Explorer. If you at the address bar and toolbar is not already displayed permanently, click on the bottom of the screen on the three dots to display them.

Now, a new book icon for web pages that do not consist exclusively or in large part from graphical components, the right of the address bar. Sometimes, however, you have to wait a little until it is displayed. If you click on this icon starts the reading view. To select a different style and font size for this mode, click Page Tools / Options, and then you can make your adjustments in the section Reading View. To return to normal view, click again on the book icon.

Products: The trick works with the Internet Explorer 11 for Modern UI.

Clash of Clans

In the iOS app “Clash of Clans pour pc” for iPhone, iPad or iPod you build after settler-style village and defend it – cost what it may. You must also make the stock nasty goblins to the ground. Plan your building sites strategically, you train new combat troops and pull in the war.

Conclusion: Freaky settlers replica for iPhone

“Clash of Clans” is a successful building game in amusing cartoon look that you demanded a lot of tactical skill. The Free Game provides thanks to explosive weapons and military conflicts for the right amount of action and a long time for entertainment. But time also is the keyword: While you build buildings, you have to take long breaks in compulsory purchase. And here comes the next cue: The in-app purchases are outrageously expensive. Are you from the patient sort of person, you will not want to miss the fun anyway. Alternative: For 4,49 € (time of testing), you get the classic ” The Settlers “. You build a Roman empire.

[System Update: Not really] BlackBerry Messenger will be available June 27 on PC and Android

BlackBerry Messenger will arrive on June 27th on the PC and Google Play Google. The information comes from T-Mobile in Britain through his Twitter account. BlackBerry had announced last month that its instant messaging service would be declined on multiple platforms, other than his own, to attract new users. The bet is risky given that BBM as it is often called is something that characterizes the Canadian manufacturer. Nevertheless, it will see the light at the end of the month on iPhone and Android.

Initially, the functions will be limited, although the main part will be to find out the support posts and groups. The future will bring even more new features such as voice, screen sharing, and more. You will need to have iOS 6 at least on the side of iPhone and iPod touch and Android 4.0 for devices under the Google operating system. Note that the iPad will not be supported , at least the application will not be optimized for the Apple tablet. BlackBerry had already declared that the motive was their key point immediately because BBM started it. Finally, the BlackBerry founder Mike Lazaridis believes that users will simply pass this mail protocol .
Update: The tweet was deleted and BlackBerry noted that this date was not accurate. The release date is still “this summer.”

Best Android Apps

Like every year, the editors of the site offers a selection of the 30 best Android applications.

best-android-appsThis ranking is based on immutable rules. Applications should not have been present in a previous annual ranking. Programs out in 2013 are also favored over others, although nothing prevents the older apps (especially those who have undergone major updates) to have a chance. Finally, the criteria considered are mainly the features, usability and utility applications. We hope this list, very subjective of course, you will discover numerous programs that will find their place on the virtual desktop of your smartphone or tablet.


Launched in 2011, the application really took off in 2013 so much so that Google and Facebook have tried to buy several billion dollars, in vain. Snapchat is one of the most popular photo applications, especially among teenagers. The principle is simple. You send a picture or video with a message. Once opened by the recipient, the message “self-destructs” after a few seconds. Very useful for those who do not want a trace. Finally in theory. Since in practice it is always possible to recover the data provided we are not aware of a little computer, as evidenced by the site .


Chaturbate Token Hack:



Clean Master :

Downloaded more clean-master-logo 50 million times on Google Play and developed by Kingsoft, this program allows you to manage files on your smartphone quickly. Its primary function is to optimize the RAM (random access memory) of your smartphone by stopping some applications running in the background. Clean Master also clears the cache of your terminal and residual files that unnecessarily reduce your available storage space. With one click, you can also move apps to your SD card. Finally, the app allows you to delete your browsing data to protect your privacy.

Candy Crush Saga:

In 2013 it became one of the most popular games on Android. This original puzzle game reinvents the concept of “jewel games.” You must involve at least three of the same type for candy they explode on your grid. By combining more, you get new bonus candy with very specific properties (explosion of a whole line, column, etc.). The number of levels is virtually unlimited (developers create new ones regularly). And to get extra lives or unblock access to certain stages of the game you’ll need the help of your friends on Facebook. Very addictive. Since its release, two new games based on a slightly different, and equally successful principle were developed by the same teams: Pet Rescue Saga and Saga Papa Pear

Soul Calibur:

The publisher Namco Bandai launched in 2013 on the Play Store mobile version of its legendary fighting game Soul Calibur. Originally released in 1998 on arcade and Dreamcast in 1999, the software was quickly met with considerable success. The point of becoming one of the biggest names of the genre alongside Street Fighter or King of Fighters. It is in this installment of the series that you can now measure yourself on compatible devices (Android 2.3.3 and higher). A total of 19 characters are available including the famous Nightmare, Sophitia, Mitsurugi and Kilik. 6 game modes are present.

GT Racing 2:

The battle rages in the field of racing games on mobile. Three years after the first episode, Gameloft has released the second edition of its simulation game GT Racing. For this new version, the French developer has even focused on two main areas: the cars and graphics. In all, you can get behind the wheel of 67 cars from prestigious manufacturers such as Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, or Mercedes-Benz, with that Gameloft has partnered. 13 circuits including the legendary Laguna Seca are also available. In all, the app offers no less than 1,400 different races. And a multiplayer mode is also integrated.

Porsche announces a special band for Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is revealed a little more with a special announcement Porsche band. This trailer gives a tantalizing taste of the gameplay of this third installment of Real Racing. It reveals the Porsche range available in the game: the 911 GT3 RS 2010, the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 in 2012, the 911 GT3 Cup

This trailer gives a tantalizing taste of the gameplay of this third installment of Real Racing. It reveals the Porsche range available in the game: the 911 GT3 RS 2010, the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 in 2012, the 911 GT3 Cup 2010 and the Carrera GT 2006 Pretty cars that will heat the asphalt in the best ways..

EA Mobile has not yet provided a release date for Real Racing 3 if not a “scheduled in 2012″ on iPhone – iPad and Android. Anyway to the editor, we look forward to test driving of these items!

Find below the band special announcement Porsche for Real Racing 3

Until the release of Real Racing 3, learn how to build his Porsche GT3 RS home and get a real racing 3 gold hack

Restore iOS connection via FaceTime (video calling)


You want with your mobile device from Apple to connect via video telephony? Just use easily FaceTime . We show below how to make the appropriate settings in FaceTime PC with your iOS operating system.

Connect two mutually compatible phone devices from Apple, you can also easily create a visual contact with the other party on the phone. Proceed as follows:

iOS 5.1

Until iOS 5.1, you can use FaceTime only over an existing Wi-Fi network. Any use over the mobile network (GPRS / EDGE, UMTS / HSDPA) is not possible. Since FaceTime on the iPhone is not a standalone app, but is already integrated in the phone app, there are two ways to start a call:
Click on the FaceTime icon during a telephone conversation. This action sends an invitation to the other person that you are calling to respond to a video call with the same application.
Alternatively, go to the FaceTime icon next to the name of the person in the contact list. Your contact will then be asked to use this application.

iOS 6.0

As of iOS 6.0, you can use FaceTime does not only have an existing wireless network, but also over the mobile network (UMTS and LTE). Do you want to use FaceTime over the cellular network, you need an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad (3rd generation) with mobile module.
Click on the FaceTime icon during a telephone conversation. This action sends an invitation to the other person that you are calling to respond to a video call with the same application.
You can also tap the FaceTime icon next to the name of the person in the contact list. Your contact will then be asked to use this application.

Clash of Clans Find new friends

unnamedThe games app Clash of Clans is one of the most famous and successful Games Apps on the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as well as Android . Developer Supercell brings Clash of Clans also regularly updates, so players have to do constantly. You’ve Clash of Clans not yet installed? Then Download Clash Of Clans For PC now !

For this reason, we have written a comprehensive article about Clash of Clans, which not only offers tips, tricks and cheats but also find various information on buildings, clans and friends as well as create a clan.

Clash of Clans can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for free and is a good game depth. The app has been downloaded millions of times and comes to a total average rating of 4.5 stars. Especially motivating are mainly the great game rankings, with which you can compare with other players and clans. In addition to the simple game currency comes in Clash of Clans and jewels, to which we will also lose a word
Since this article to Clash of Clans is very extensive, we have an overview of Clash of Clans for you, so you can quickly jump to the corresponding point that interests you.

That is what Clash of Clans Is..

clan_screenshot_1_600_349_s_c1_center_top_0_0Clash of Clans is a free game by Supercell, the show also responsible for the game Hay Day for iPhone and iPad. In Clash of Clans, it is your task to build one for your settlements, and to build an army of barbarians, war mages, dragons and other powerful fighters. One can clash of clans described as mix of strategy and building game that has been downloaded millions of times on the iTunes App Store.

This mixture makes also the special of Clash of Clans. It has a great graphics and the long-term fun for the success of the game will. If one has only to start an open village, that just might be vulnerable to build this over time into an impregnable fortress.

As the name suggests, it comes with Clash of Clans is not only to build a settlement and the struggle against enemies, but also the establishment or Join a clan. In addition to the battle against the computer opponent in a great campaign Clash of Clans naturally offers on the attack against real opponents.

The own village knn you doing with guns, turrets, mortars, bombs, traps and walls to defend, while to other cities 10 unique units are available to attack, you can level up. Clash of Clans is really very extensive and very fun to play.